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Weight Loss Transformations That Blew Us Away
about 1 year ago

Whether you’re looking to drop major pounds or sculpt that coveted six-pack, one thing is for sure: it won’t happen overnight. Time and time again, we’ve shared weight loss success stories and they all have one thing in common: each guy has that “ah ha!” moment—that realization that serious changes need to be made in the name of their health.

This year was no exception. We talked to incredible men looking to better their lives, hoping their stories would inspire you, too. We found that whether you’re a chef, a personal trainer, a dad, or even a famous actor or comedian—getting fit is never easy and every journey is completely different.

Here are the insanely impressive transformations that made us want to get off the couch in 2017. Watch the video above to see the celebrities that made the cut, or read on to find the everyday guys that made it their mission to transform their bodies and their lives. Let them serve as your fitness motivation for the year ahead.

best transformations of 2017
Photograph courtesy of Tony D’itri

Tony D’itri works as a PE teacher, has completed several marathons, and has spent the last five years running obstacle course races like the Spartan Super.

He wasn’t performing how he wanted to, though. “The issue was, I became skinny fat,” D’itri said. “My body had no muscle on it whatsoever—but I didn’t think of it that way. In my mind, it was better to be skinny than to be strong.” Even at his wedding, he stumbled upon unflattering photos. The scale had crept up on him, stacking up at 210 pounds.

D’itri crafted a new fitness routine for himself, but couldn’t push past a weight loss plateau as he struggled to reach 180 pounds. Then he found Metashred Extreme, a series of metabolic workouts from Men’s Health. For eight weeks, he gave the program his all. He dropped 21 pounds, lost 7 percent body fat, and 4 inches around his waist. On top of that, D’itri transformed his legs and sculpted abs for the first time in his life.

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